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Tom's surgery

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Posted 2012-07-18T23:44:49Z

July 18. The conclusion

Tom has been a free man for 24 hours now.  He is feeling pretty good, walked around neighborhood, and is eating alot!  All we can do now is wait and let things progress.  His first checkup with the Dr. is next Tues. when the stitches will be removed and hopefully he will get permission to drive.  

Te best thing about this surgery (besides the possibility of beer) was writing this blog.  We enjoyed writing it together-and it also helped us to see some humor in the situation.  We also looked forward to reading the posts and checked regularly for new ones.  THANKYOU everyone for the posts, visits, cards, phone calls, emails, flowers, taking my dog out to pee, and trying to take the dog out to pee.

The worst thing about this surgery was the surgery.

Thankyou again everyone.  The end.

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