All proceeds go to Eben Bockenstedt

Fundraising Support

It is hard to know how to ask for help. It is no surprise to anyone that our family is in the midst of a great hardship. We have insurance, but the expenses of a prolonged illness are piling up and up. When you combine the deductibles, large family living expenses, transportation and leave without pay, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, isolated, and scared. Your prayers and donations are like throwing down a rope and holding the other end while we are in this crisis. We believe God is calling us to have faith and keep our eyes focused on Him not live isolated and alone. A lady in our church asked us, "how can I help?" It was a hard question to answer. Then another friend suggested a site like this one. So, we in faith stand here believing God will answer our prayers for Eben and our family. If the Lord leads you to pray for us, we thank you. If He leads you to give, we thank you. We are blessed to be on this journey. Thank you for holding our hands through it.