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Posted 2015-12-22T23:11:43Z

What is an Ebenism?

Several years ago, it became apparent that Eben had an incredible, dry sense of humor.  He would say the most random, but insightful things.  That would stop you in your tracks and make you ponder life.  Like the time, he stopped dinner.  Stood up and began to give us a word from the LORD.  

--Psalm 135:18 says.  I am God.  I have given you my word.  (said with great authority followed by dead silence)  I want it back.  


--I don't like Cinderella.  She hits.

or the time we were getting in the car at the Orthopedic Center and the college aged valet was helping us.

--valet:  Thank you sir.  Eben:  I am a woman.   (that valet will never be the same again)

Eben is known for his witty randomness.  

Everyone has a favorite.  Here are some of mine.  You are welcome to leave in the comments your favorite.  

Eben:  I would like a large woman.

Eben:  QUICK!  We need a VBS fast!

Ebenism:  Charity:  even the mannequins are showing cleavage.  Eben:  Where?

Eben:  Fine!  You don't have to buy me clothes.  I'll just wear Daddy's.  

Ebenism:  (while in the hospital lobby)  Eb just leaned over to a pretty college aged girl and did his best Joey from Friends.  "How you doin'?"

After watching Xmen First Class, I asked Eben what he would want his super power to be.  Eben:  I want my super power to be turning into all different kind of girls.  

Eb just announced he is going to sleep tonight on the couch.  When I protested, he said, "oh come on, mom, God is everywhere."  And as he turned to leave the room he said, "just so you know I have two hands and I need to go to the bathroom."  Then he left the room.  

Ebenism:  (said emphatically)  No ONE cancels Christmas for menopause!

Eben:  tonight's dinner was actually good.  It would have tasted better with sugar and hot peppers, but whatever I didn't make it.  

Eben:  I am about to take a bath.  I'm going to wash my hair, and when I come out.  I will smell as fresh as a dog.  


THERE is a lot more where those came from.  These are just the ones that I had handy to write down.  Comment yours...


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