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Posted 2016-11-08T23:54:47Z

Eben's Update

Today has been a rough day. We finally gotten in to see the neurologist. I appreciate his candor and help, nonetheless, he put up with a lot of my tears.

His assessment is that the hypothalamus is to blame for the recent changes. The neurologist says the hypothalamus is the governor of the brain, and Eben's governor is failing him. There is medications that can help curb some of the symptoms, but there is no cure for autonomic dysfunction. All the medications come with side affects. He will start him on two and go from there.

The hypothalamus is compromised due to over draining of the brain. Essentially, the suction from the shunt has pulled it down or "stretched" and has caused this dis-regulation. Eben's endocrine system and pituitary function are all compromised. Like Eben said today, "none of this is fun."

We appreciate your prayers. Tomorrow, Eben starts the first of many tests to evaluate treatments that will support his endocrine system. His cortisol is dangerously low. Tomorrow, he will have an ACTH to determine how much he needs in supported therapy. This will go along with testosterone, D, and iron infusions. We have opted out of growth hormone infusions.

We do not know how much more we will be here, but it was confirmed that we will be back December 21 for 2-3 weeks.

Much love,

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