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Posted 2017-04-21T04:56:59Z

Eben' Journey continues

Kiah told me today that I should update everyone on all things Eben. 

Thise last 4 months have been CRAZY!  

The first weeks of January, I started working overnights in the University ER. 

Then, Eben needed surgery. The orthopedic doctor removed previously placed rod in his femur. This was to prevent further fractures. 

After surgery, Eben was transferred to Rusk. Where he spent the next month getting stronger. 

Kiah and Bart stayed nights with him and I stayed days.  Kiah and I are both taking full time college hours. So, between work, college, and Eben is all we have time for. 

Eben improved so much going to Rusk. The daily therapy really made a huge difference. It was obvious he needed to continue. Our health insurance approved therapy 3 days a week, 3 hours a day. We kept that up until the end of March.  

When outpatient came to end, bart and I decided to see if the Community Classroom at Battle High School might benefit him. In April, Eben began going half days to Battle. He comes home exhausted and sleeps most of the rest of the day, but he is liking it. Today, he told me school was his "thing."  

On Monday, April 24th, we head back to Minnesota. Eben will be at Mayo for a week or so. He sees Neurosurgery, endocrine, Peds, sleep, neurology, and Physical medicine. He has a full body scan and his 3 month brain MRI. 

We covet your prayers. The amount of changes that have happened in the last 4 months have been mind boggling. Some of the kids are having a real hard time adjusting to my working.  They have always had me at home, and they have always been homeschooled. 

It is hard when your whole world is turned upside down by illness. We didn't ask for this. Some days, I wake up and I'm not sure where I am, and then it hits me. Then what life is now floods my thoughts and it is a real adjustment. Attitude adjustment that is. 

Some days you don't have to understand here to be here. Living each day in the present is all I have. Today, I choose to live blessed. 

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  • Barb Tanner
    Barb Tanner

    Eben in High School ! Isn't God full of never ending surprises? May God equip all staff at Mayo with skill and wisdom to meet every need upon your return. I pray for suitable accommodations while you are there. And for Ebon's comfort through every procedure. Blessings upon entire family. Love , Barb

    3 years ago · Reply