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Posted 2017-04-27T16:39:00Z

Update from Mayo

good morning from snow like Minnesota. 

We have been here since Monday. So far Eben has seen 4 specialist. Currently, we are in the lab doing blood work and waiting for his MRI. 

We have some hope after seeing a neuro specialist yesterday. They are following up on some leads and doing more tests. He is being admitted Sunday for the last overnight test, but the hope is when we meet the team on Tuesday it will finally be with a global diagnosis. 

I was asked why is a global diagnosis important. As the doc put it yesterday, it is always good to put a name on a battle. Knowing what you are possibly up against enables you to have a good defense and offense. 

Ronald McDonald House is still full. When we got here, there was 27 people a head of us. As of this morning, there is still 10. The hotel cost are piling up. Thankfully, our dear friend Laura arranged some evening meals with friends from her church.  We will continue to trust God in this area. 

Meanwhile at home, our friends Richard And Sharon Terry and Mark and Laura Hoibrink and their loving congregation at Hartsburg Baptist Church have put in a small kitchen outside of Eben's room. He is so excited to see it. He has big plans to "cook" in his kitchen. When we moved into this house, the intention was for Eben to be upstairs. After breaking his leg, and essentially being in the wheelchair full time. We moved him downstairs. The bathroom is so much bigger.  The bedroom is so much bigger. The living space is so much bigger. The only obstacles was getting there and having access to a kitchen. Thankfully, our dear friends stepped in and donated the labor and supplies to make his dream come true.  We look forward to all the "stuffs" we can make. 

Thank you for continuing to pray for us. We sure need it in a lot of ways. 

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  • Barb Tanner
    Barb Tanner

    Thanks for the update, Candice. Eben looks great in these photos. Please tell him he's looking strong like a Spartan ready to do Battle (High School)! Entire family remains in my prayers. Love, Barb

    3 years ago · Reply