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Posted 2017-10-01T13:47:40Z

Going back to Minnesota and other things

Tuesday, we will travel back to Minnesota. Eben is due for his 3 month brain MRI and the genome is back so we get to hear the results. The head of pediatrics sent me a novel about his genome, but it will be so nice to ask questions in person.  I will write more about that when I have had the chance to speak to the genetics doctor face to face. 

I think Eben is doing the best he has in a long while. He is still Eben. The school Nurse reports reading and talking with her sounds like pressure. Since I have been working, it has been hard. When I see him, he is exhausted from the day. So what I see as fatigue she sees all day. So we will see what the scans show. 

Thanks to the Boone County Family Resource grant that completed Eben’s side walk that helps us get him to the basement. In the basement, there is so much more room for the wheelchair or walker. Slowly, but surely this house is being modified for Eben. One more project to go. 

Eben went to the homecoming dance.  Jordan came home from college to be his wing man.  Eben got in the photo booth with two senior girls.  Eben loves the night.  When they got home, Eben was squealing retelling me the events.  I had to nearly ground him to get him to go to sleep.  He was on cloud nine.  

We covet your prayers.  We live for the plateaus.  I’m not a fan of the declining.  Thank God with us that Eben is holding steady.  


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