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Eben Bockenstedt - Journal

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Posted 2016-02-10T03:45:01Z

Tonight update

Eben has woke up twice. 

The first time, he woke up and asked to eat. The nurse and I sat him up his pressures plummeted and his eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out. This brought the whole team into evaluate what was going on. He was unresponsive and failed his neuro checks. They prepared him for an emergency CT and shunt series. [...]

Posted 2016-02-09T22:02:01Z

Critical condition

At 10 AM, Eben failed the first of three neuro checks. Dr. Daniels came in and said that he needed to take Eben to the OR asap.

I spoke to Dr. Daniels about 45 minutes ago. Eben is still in recovery. He said that Eben is clinically in critical condition and that the next 24 hours are crucial. His heart is not putting up with all of the changes with the pressure in his brain. He has been in sinus dysrhythmia and throwing PVCs for the last 24 hours.[...]

Posted 2016-02-07T15:32:00Z

URGENT: Fully Rely On God

Tomorrow is our 5th Monday in Minnesnowta (that’s how the natives pronounce it).  Tomorrow is the biggest day of our lives.  Tomorrow, Dr. Daniels will take Eben to surgery at 6am and place an intracranial pressure monitor (ICP) in his brain.  This will be the first of 3 surgeries this week.  [...]

Posted 2016-02-05T00:12:27Z

Day 2 in hospital

Day 2 of being inpatient has its ups and downs.
Up: child life played bingo over a closed circuit camera and he won twice.
Down: he had his legs compression wrapped. He is not a fan.
Up: it snowed big beautiful flakes that were mesmerizing.
Down: during said snowing, Eben had an episode. He says. He is not a fan of the clean-up.
Up: Eben told the therapist wrapping him that she wrapped him "like a hot dog or a donut or congestive heart failure." This caused a huge life. Then he said now he looked like Jesus. (I'm assuming the grave clothes.) another big laugh.
Down: his episodes earned him another day hooked up to the ponytail. Not a fan.[...]