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Eben Bockenstedt - Journal

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Posted 2015-12-27T17:15:00Z

Merry Christmas with a Mustard Cake Blizzard

Eben announced last night that he would like peanuts in a Mustard Cake Blizzard. We tried to tell him that's not a thing, but he sure thinks it should be. Eben had a pretty quiet Christmas a lot of food, a lot of DVD movies, and a lot of rest. Just what the doctor ordered. The pictures are from 4 years ago, 3 years ago, and last night. It is evident that Eben's body is amiss. This upcoming trip to Mayo, we believe, is a last ditch effort for some answers. We adore our university doctors. We trust them and know how much they care for Eben, but it is time to get some fresh eyes on his condition. I'm not ok with spending the rest of his life chasing symptoms. When you see SO many specialist that is what you symptoms. We need answers. Eben deserves every effort to improve his health. His entire body is compromised because of this malady in his brain. Please continue to pray for him and our effort to raise enough money to take him to Mayo. BTW, he didn't get the Peanut Mustard Cake Blizzard. He settled for a root beer float instead. That boy!

Posted 2015-12-22T23:11:43Z

What is an Ebenism?

Several years ago, it became apparent that Eben had an incredible, dry sense of humor.  He would say the most random, but insightful things.  That would stop you in your tracks and make you ponder life.  Like the time, he stopped dinner.  Stood up and began to give us a word from the LORD.  [...]