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Posted 2016-04-27T23:53:08Z

Be faithful, because the BEST is yet to come

My Mamma told me this story about a dying lady and a visit from her pastor. She had asked to be buried with a fork, because like any good Baptist she had been to many church dinners. She explained to her pastor that ever since she was little girl as church ladies cleared the table, they would say “keep your fork” because dessert was coming. This elder woman had equated forks with the good things in life. This story became an inside joke with my Mamma and I. We began collecting forks and we would say the best was yet to come. Last week, as Bart and I was saying good-bye to our house. I looked down as he was shutting the door for the last time, and there was a fork on the ground. I took it as a sign from above that I could dry my tears that the best was yet to come.[...]