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Linda Vinson Linda Vinson

Hi Candice,
As usual I am so amazed by what is going on in your life. I don't know how you know which end is up. But thank God He is sustaining you. Thank you for the update. Who would have guessed that Eben would be at Battle High School. So glad he loves school. I pray the kids all do well in school. That is a huge transition from being home schooled and having you home so much of the time. May the Lord radically bless them and strengthen them and reassure them during this time. And may He continue to supply all your need.
Love in Christ,
Linda V.

Linda Vinson Linda Vinson

Hi Candice,
I thought my messages were posted. but I see they didn't go through. Know that you are loved and prayed for. I just read your latest message for today. I do pray you will be able to sleep. I know you are exhausted beyond reckoning. My prayer for you is that the Lord will bless you with restful sleep--and with his deep, deep peace. I just listened to a song by Casting Crowns tonight--it is called "Be Held". The you tube of it is really nice. You might find it helpful.
Deep, deep blessings in Christ, dear sister...
Linda V.

Barb Tanner Barb Tanner

Hi Candace. Please know I keep Eben and entire family in prayer and check eagerly each day for new updates and requests . I am sorry to find my previous post doesn't show so guess you don't know I've been rooting for you since before your departure. May today bring comfort, helpful new info and unexpected blessings.
Your CBS core group friend,
Barb Tanner

Sherry Wachter Sherry Wachter

Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Some journeys are harder to walk through than others. >
Max, Sherry, Ray, Zack and Rheanna Wachter

Sarah Rybolt Sarah Rybolt

Hi Bockenstedt's. I am praying for Eben and your family.

Barbara Boynton Barbara Boynton

Hi Bockenstedts! Thanks for inviting me over this past week--we loved visiting and Andy was so happy to play with B's toys! Thinking lots about you guys and praying for an outpouring of support!

Debra Winsauer Debra Winsauer

Merry Christmas, the First Baptist Church of Mount Pleasant, Mississippi is keeping you in their prayers.