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Tod's Journey

Tod's Journey back from spinal fusion surgery

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Posted 2017-03-16T06:35:00Z

Home Sweet Home

We could not have ordered better weather today; it was a beautiful, sunny, 80-degree perfect Southern California March day.  And after 22 days and nites at Hoag Hospital, 49 days and nites at a skilled nursing facility, 4 days and nites in ER rooms, 7 days and nites at a rehab facility with a brief 11 nites at home in-between all that bedridden, Tod triumphantly returned home from his December 12th spinal fusion surgery, a total of 93 days later.  Tod’s Excellent Adventure is over. 

As we drove home, I commented that the last 3 months were just surreal.  He said, “yeah, it felt like I just was going out on the S.S. Minnow for a 3-hour cruise and ended up stranded on a desert island.”  Perfect analogy. 

Tod wasted no time settling in and making sure HIS remote and his ATT U-verse package hadn’t gone bad since he left.  Then Erika, Autumn and I took Tod for his long-overdue traditional birthday dinner at PF Chang’s – the one he missed on December 15th when he was post-op at Hoag Hospital on Day 3 of his 93-day journey.  He insisted on driving My car, and I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive.  Turns out driving is like riding a bike.  He’ll spend the next two weeks getting a bit more out-patient physical therapy for strength and going to many follow-up appointments with his many doctors as his long-term care transitions back over to them.  He is on schedule to return to work on April 3rd.  And hopefully he can spend some time out in the sun to regain his color!

We all take so much for granted; the comfortable bed we sleep in, going out for dinner with family and friends, our cable tv package and not having to share the TV and remote – and a room! – with a stranger, taking showers every day, driving a car, sitting in the sun, and even getting a haircut.  But most of all we take our health for granted.  When it falters, we are so grateful to have such great doctors and healthcare facilities to put us back together as God oversees their work and steps in when we need Him most. 

Tod got his wish; he is home for the start of March Madness tomorrow.  Thankfully the Madness of December, January and February are in our rearview mirror!  This will be my last post on the PostHope Tod’s Journey website.  We thank you all for following Tod’s challenges and triumphs over these last 3 months and taking this journey with us.  I know that the wonderful notes of encouragement and support from all of you during these long days lifted us up when it was difficult to see the light.  One thing I know I will never take for granted is the incredible group of family and friends we have.  Thank you and God Bless you all for all of your love and prayers.  We hope to see you all very soon!



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