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Kerrie's cancer journey

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Posted 2020-02-05T21:04:05Z

Great News!

Surgery was on Monday and I'm feeling fine!

Well, a little sore but I feel relieved that whatever was left of the tumor has been removed. The surgeon - Dr. Than Barbie - said that there was no evidence of cancer in the nodes she removed. And she did a terrific job; the scarring will be minimal.  Now it's ice, Tylenol, pet my cat, snooze. Rinse and repeat.

I'll be healing up for a couple of weeks. We'll get the final pathology reports then and, I imagine, we'll get a start date for radiation. It's a long process, isn't it?  Patience...and binge watching the survival show Alone is getting me through.

Gloria and I are grateful for all of your support during this long haul treatment. Truly. We've passed an important milestone with the surgery behind us.  Hope you feel as good about that as we do.

Also, I want to thank EVERYONE for my hats! (Above is my friend Celine's Viking Cap, which has proven especially snuggly while sitting by the fire!). I'm still wearing the hats but want you to know that peach fuzz has begun to sprout! 


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