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Posted 2019-10-23T17:10:24Z

Alaska Memories...

Hi All - Gorgeous day!

I'm hanging in, my hair has fallen out, and I feel well enough for a few hours of paid work.  That means another infusion is around the corner. Friday to be exact.

I won't feel great but, as many of you have experienced, that just means the chemo is doing its work. It also means that I'd love to see folks next week, have lunch or something at my place as I'll be laying low.

Today I'm thinking a lot about Alaska and my own time there in the mid - 1990's. I'd love to hear about your adventures, Alaska or elsewhere. Send pics!  Heck, send me good jokes, bad jokes, dark humor, which I'm apparently very good at, New Yorker cartoons, whatever. I like to hear about LIFE, especially yours. 

And check this out, The Beaver Ballad, sure to warm anyone's heart that loves Alaska:

Anyone have Northern Exposure episodes?

Wait. I guess I could stream those. Anyone want to watch Northern Exposure episodes with me?

Get outside!


p.s. That pic is taken in one of four cabins the group I was leading were to stay in. Grizzlies knocked down the chimneys in all but three. I wanted that rifle and .45; the guide gave me a baggie of cherry bombs to light if the grizzlies came back. Nice.


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