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Toni's Journey

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This is Angie. Sorry i have not been keeping others updated on Toni's Journey. Between work and everything else I lost time.

First off, I/WE want to thank everyone that has donated. All that was donated went for the1st month's rent to Pete Gross House in Seattle. Yes Pete Gross is where I am moving Toni to tomorrow (8-17-2018). She is finally going to get out of U.W.  But we still need the prayers for a fast recovery. Her immune system is still low, so we still need to be cautious with everything.

While at Pete Gross House, Toni will be able to have visitors and such. There's a beautiful garden terrace and a beautiful roof top that they have souped up really well.  Our apartment at the Pete Gross is 509. And the best thing that i like is that everything is so close that I can walk to places for Toni, instead of having to fight the wonderful Seattle traffic. I will be staying there for the next 3 weeks taking care of Toni. But please visit when you would like. HINT HINT..

Here are some pics of our place at Pete Gross. It's a studio, but actually not bad.

THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE.  Either been donating, texting, calling, prayers.. It has all been more than greatly appreciated.. 

Love from Toni and I


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