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Woo Hoo! DAY 186... Yes, 6 Months Post Transplant

I made it DAY 186... Yes, 6 Months Post Transplant

Sorry for not better pictures. I don't do to many pictures of myself. As you can see I do have hair coming in slowly. It is white right in the very front with a swirl. It kind of reminds me of my dad's swirl. The facial hair can go away anytime.    LOL However, I do not want to sound like I am complaining. I am just THANKFUL to be doing this great. I am doing really well for the most part. DO NOT get me wrong I AM NOT healed by any way or means. I still have quite of bit of recovery or healing to do with my over all system. I have REALLY hard days still and other days I can seem as normal as anyone else. This is hard on me and I feel it is hard for everyone else too. Why? Cause, people think I'm fine, healed, back to normal. That I can just go back to life as it used to be or do everything like I used to do. When it is more like to do something outside the house one day and be down the next day. The rash still comes and goes the doctors are not sure why. The eyes are much better. The throat or gut stuff will still act up. Mainly when I eat something my body is not wanting like eating sugar or gluten. Then recently I have had this sleep or fatigue thing. Where I wake up or get up... Then all of sudden I need to go lay back down. IT REALLY SUCKS. I make appt or meet ups later in the day just in case this happens in the morning.

Thank you for all the Healing wishes.... Keep them coming. MORE LATER

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