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Toni's Journey

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Latest journal entry

HOME and Very Happy!!! Very Thankful

Hello~ I am home, very happy to be home and VERY Thankful. THANKFUL for all the wonderfulness!!!!

I actually came home yesterday afternoon after having a shot in the butt and some Platelets. I was brought home by my wonderful wife to be greeted by my Awesome son Kyle. Home for mother's day. Plus, then they surprised me with an new umbrella to sit outside. ( so I don't get burnt) BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

I woke up this am in my own bed feeling pretty good. Still slow, a little weak and a little tummy upset. FOR AFTER CHEMO... THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Still have to eat like a baby with my mouth and stomach. AGAIN, that I can handle. LOL

Liver and bladder seem to be doing ok.

THANK YOU AGAIN for ALLLLLL the love and support. IT REALLY DOES HELP!!!

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