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This one is about all of us....

WOW, we all are having to get use to me being home. lol

Poor Simon, he stopped eating a day or two after I was home. I think it may of been a hard treat that I gave him, that hurt his mouth. (Bad mom) Anyways, I did get him to finally eat some of his regular hard food that I had softened with tuna water/ juice. He didn't even want chicken... chicken is his favorite. He would try to eat it but spit it out. That is when I figured he must have a mouth problem.

Cats are not like us, where we can say what hurts or our stomach is upset. Speaking of those items... Yes, I still have those lovely bumps or what is called Folliculitis (Infected Hair Follicle). NOT CONTAGIOUS!!!! My hair is growing back, my eye brows and eyelashes are back. All is very dark in color. My finger & toe nails are all coming close to being grown out or the old falling off. My mouth still gets a dry spell here or there, causing a sore or two inside and my making lips chap and feel like an open wound. My left ear still has on & off problems that can cause me to not hear as well. I get muscle twitches and I have no butt. lol... This is for all whom wanted to know REALLY how I am doing. I feel good, yes, but still I have my days where it is hard to get out of bed or I just need to go back to bed for a bit. However, once I am up.. I am up and strolling along. Trying to keep up on my walks to keep my muscles toned and yoga when I can. They say to keep up on this as much as I can because the tissue has a tendency to tighten. I can feel what they are talking about... esp in my ankles.

I see the doctor soon, so hopefully I know more of where I stand with everything. I would like to be able to visit people,but right now is a little scary with it being cold and flu season. Every sneeze or cough I hear and I am running away from the person.  

But all in all, I'M HAPPY TO BE HOME!!!!!!  Thank you to all that has texted, called or visited, I really enjoy all of it.  Please keep them coming. But most of all THANK YOU for all the prayers and well wishes!!!

Will keep you all posted of my progress!!!

Love Toni

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