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Best Day Ever - I'm Home!!!


I'm home. Still trying to get acclimated. I know it has been only four months. However, I had to ask Angie how to turn on our kitchen lights. LOL This is just some of the wonderfulness I get to go through. I have been in Seattle living in a studio apt with a very limited amount of my things and clothing. So, to come home to all of this stuff was almost overwhelming. Now, it is time to purge all the STUFF that I no longer use or need. Value Village or St. Francis House will be getting a Whole bunch of items. From the kitchen, bathroom, stuff and clothes.  Time to start a new. 

Look forward to hearing or seeing everyone soon

Thank you with lots of LOVE Toni & Angie

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  • Michawn Hartwell
    Michawn Hartwell

    Congratulations Toni on your past and future accomplishments. Here's to health and happiness to you and Angie. You both deserve it. Hartwell

    9 months ago · Reply
  • Pamela S Watson
    Pamela S Watson

    Great news sis...welcome home indeed..take care of each other and enjoy being y'all Pam

    9 months ago · Reply


    9 months ago · Reply
  • Sheila O'CONNOR
    Sheila O'CONNOR

    Wonderful, I am purging too, and getting settled in my new place. An exciting time! And happy Simon too.

    9 months ago · Reply

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