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Posted 2019-05-04T07:41:00Z

WOW 9 months! Sooo much has been going on and has happened. Moving....

Simon was sick, I wasn't feeling good. About the being to middle of March. The snow just started to melt all away so I could start going back down to Olympia to visit my like a mom, Aunt Joan. She said she had not been feeling her best and was just starting to feel better herself, besides always being tired. Her and Sadie (pictured above) had been napping a lot. HOWEVER, she was ready to have me coming down again. I was looking forward to going to my other safe space/ bubble. Go have some good food, good laughs and just try to beat the GIN Queen at her favorite game. lol THEN.... LIFE HAPPENS!!!! WE, Angie & I received notice to move. SHit, with rents this high... we decided to buy, housing hunting. Simon almost 100% Now, It is the end of March and SCCA (Seattle cancer) wants to do some checks on me. Those test all came out good. Yet, my ferritin level is still real high from all the blood transfusions so the GI doctor I must go. MRI of my liver and more pulmonary test on my lungs again. Those will be later in May. Aunt Joan and I had a Value Village/ Good will date on Wed March 27th. Unfortunately we didn't go. Instead I insisted on taking her to the clinic cause she was complaining of her appendix hurting. THE DOCTOR GAVE HER ANTIBIOTICS AND SENT US HOME!!! Group health. She was still in pain by the next Wed so she checked herself in and they took her over to the hospital. NOW....... to make the long story short. She passed on 4/5/2019 at St. Peter hospital Oly. SHE IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE GREATLY MISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We bought a house (5/1/2019) in Spanaway WA. 232 174th ST S, Spanaway WA 98387 MAILING ADDRESS is still the same 1402 Auburn Way N # 326, Auburn WA 98002 ****We made a wonderful trip back to the Mid`west to see and meet each others family. FINALLY! It only took 6 years, but who's counting. lol I was able to see both of my sisters for the first time in 28 years - Gloria and Pam. Angie enjoyed meeting them. THEN, I was able to go to meet her family and best friend growing up - mom, dad, brother, aunts, cousins.... family. It was great to meet all of them and to finally see what a small town she grew up near while living on the farm. Her nearest friend was like a half a mile away. WOW!!! AS OF TODAY... We just moved stuff from A. Joan's, we are cleaning and need to paint our new place and are hoping to move into the new place MAY 17th, yes big move day will be MAY 17th May 22, I will be going to SCCA and UW for the second testing. July 19th starts all the "BIG TESTING" Anyone wishes to help with anything please feel free to call me 206-478-2685

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  • Deanna Sebring
    Deanna Sebring

    Congrats on all the good stuff. Prayers & hugs on everything else!

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Sheila O'CONNOR
    Sheila O'CONNOR

    Wow, you do have a lot going on! Sorry for your loss, Toni. Congrats on getting your house, that didn't take too long to find. I'm happy your blood work is good, hope you're feeling good too. I'm doing a little dance performance with the Kent ballroom dancers may 18, and our final practice is on the 17th, when you are moving. So I'm no help there, but hope everything goes well. Say hi to Angie for me. Enjoy the sun this week!

    4 months ago · Reply
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