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Keeping Up With Traci's Progress

Hello Family And Friends! So, it has been a daunting task to try to keep everyone in the family up-to-date with my mothers medical state. This is a website designed to h[...] read more

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Posted 2013-01-05T02:38:24Z

What's going on now.....

My mom has obstained from ALCOHOL for almost 4 MONTHS!!!! Can I get a WOOOHOOO? ;) All joking aside, I am so proud of my amazing mother. She acts as though it has been easy, but I know that everything she's been through has been more than difficult. This is only the beginning but the support that she has recieved is greatly appreciated.

Her medical state is impoving. She has lost a lot of weight but is gaining some back slowly, which I am happy about. I felt she was "too" skinny. She's has a lot of chronic physical pain but the her doctor says that is normal and will improve over time. Her mental state is ok, but that is totally normal given the circumstances. I just hope that she can keep up the good work and stay strong. I know everyone makes mistakes along the way but we can only stay postive and hope for the best.

love you all

~Carly xo


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