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Posted 2017-03-15T23:19:25Z

Happy Wednesday!

   Happy Wednesday everyone! This will probably be my last blog... Everything is going great and I'm still healing. I have gone to Bronson Athletic Club 3 times for my cardiac ​rehab.(many people go for weeks) They  really have it together! There's always atleast one or more people watching you, your vitals, or just checking in on you. And whatever you want to ask, they either have the answer to or will find out for you. You start out slow and are constantly monitored. And there are 4 separate short classes for you if you choose to go. All are related to what you will deal with... exercise, well being, food and meds. I'm not on any daily meds so I was told I really didn't need to attend that one. I've had a few rehab people tell me to go just because it is soooo interesting!! Ok, that's next week I'll go to that one. Anyway, we have a treadmill in our basement I can use and I'm planning on going outside waking when it warms up.[...]

Posted 2017-02-28T14:45:26Z

Happy Tuesday!!

Today I'm going to address some questions, comments and offers. 1. I've decided I'm now battery operated! The pacemaker has lithium batteries in it so it's good for about 9 years, then it gets switched out which I hear is waaay easier than having it out in originally. 2. Kevin is done washing my hair and YES I enjoyed every minute of it! Once the Dr gave me the OK to shower on my own and raise my hands above my head he was done! He's pretty smart...There's no way to scam him into believing he needs to continue washing my hair, especially when he heard the Dr TELL me I can now do it myself....bummer. 3. Thank you for all your offers for sleeping aids!  I'm sure those work manuals and other work reading materials/programs are so exciting I'd instantly drop off to sleep!  4. Piled on top of me (besides wearing 2 shirts, fleece hoodie, fleece pants, thick socks) was an ELECTRIC blanket, not just any blanket. And eventho the house was 79°....The blanket was set on medium/high. I was really cold! [...]

Posted 2017-02-20T21:59:58Z

A whole lotta firsts!

Hello again! Friday I got the approval from Dr.Wunderly to run marathons or whatever I want. I don't need to see him until next year! Saturday I moved from the couch to a bed! Since I can't push/pull/lift/carry/hold, the couch was the best spot to sleep. Then I could sort of roll to a sitting position and transition to standing up. Took a shower all by myself! (Not that I minded sitting on a stool in the shower and having Kevin wash my hair everyday!) Then yesterday was so beautiful out I walked probably 1/2 mile! That's huge since I feel like I've been under house arrest! (And the surgeon hadn't released me to walking distances yet!) Today I saw the cardiac surgeon, Dr.Amin.   He released me from his care.(unless I have a problem) I get to start back to a some what normal life. I can't lift a lot of weight, still take naps and have to pace myself, but I get to drive and start cardiac rehab! It will take about 3-4 months for my sternum to completely heal, and it's still tender, but I'm healing right on time! (Total healing time about 1 year) Tuesday I get my pacemaker checked in PawPaw and Wednesday I have my first cardiac rehab appointment! Yea!! I know Kevin is happy also. Besides worrying about me, he will have more freedom!  I think the best part for him is the house temperature. I'm not freezing all the time anymore. A bit ago I had on my daily outfit, 2 insulated shirts, a fleece hoodie, fleece pants, socks and a blanket.  I felt good and warm. Then Kevin informed me the house was 79° inside! I suggested he put on his bathing suit but he wasn't excited about that. That's my update! Hope everyone's happy and healthy!! Hugs to all, Tracy[...]

Posted 2017-01-24T22:46:51Z

Things are getting better!

Monday got the staples out of my pace maker, went home and slept for 2 solid hours! (Wasn't sure where I was or what day it was when I woke up!) I have a visiting nurse coming Wednesday and Friday. Friday I go see my surgeon Dr.Parth Amin. Actually I go see his assistant Christine. (They are amazing)So now between visiting nurses, Dr appointments, my "exercises" and having a few family members coming out, I'll have to find time to rest. My stamina is increasing yet when I make a simple salad for lunch, I contemplate taking a nap before eating it! I'm on my way having great care starting at Bronson to home (Mr. Wonderful) and time. Things are calming down now so I'll be posting less often. I feel really good. Thank you everyone for your prayers and positive attitudes and support! Hugs, Tracy[...]

Posted 2017-01-21T18:49:10Z

A new update! And yes, another sneeze and a 15 minute cry

A few people have asked me if my pacemaker is permanent, YES it is! Now when I had my original surgery and my new valve put in, there was a temporary one set in place to make sure the new valve and heart worked properly,  then they removed those leads. But then I  heard things like the heart not functioning properly and something about as much calcification I had on my valve, I needed a permanent pacemaker set in and so I have one. Also, yes some of you are probably still learning of this. This was fast. Dec 26 I went into the hospital with pneumonia and like 2 weeks later i got a new valve and pacemaker. We can chat later when I get back to work or you can text me. And I want to let you know, nothing really hurt. There was some discomfort but no real pain so that makes that easier! And I don't really take any meds or anything so I think my body was a little... dopier than usual😉 OK, on the mend! Tomorrow Dr Wunderly takes my staples out! One step closer to totally freedom![...]

Posted 2017-01-20T20:24:17Z

2 new huge steps today!

Step #1 I Sneezed!!!...Then I Cried!!!! Step #2 FREEDOM!  Kevin rescued me today and brought me safely home!!  Yea!! I'd take pictures but I have bad hair BUT we will post a pic. It's just amazing what they can do. I watched videos on YouTube first. (8 minutes 54 seconds!)There are tons of them. I'll still keep you informed but not as often since I'm finally home. And...No clapper! Sorry! I'm sure Kevin would love an on/off clapper but not happening. He already tried to convince me the tv remote will short out my pacemaker! Now it will be slow but I'll get there! TY for all your prayers and well wishes! Hugs, Tracy[...]