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Posted 2017-10-14T05:19:00Z

Troy is at Dominican Hospital in the ICU

Out of respect for his privacy, I am not divulging the details of Troy's medical emergency. Suffice to say it was dire.

He has been here since the 4 am hour of Monday the 9th. 5 days. Troy was under heavy sedation, in a state akin to coma, until today. He is awake and responsive, but has a long way to go for full recovery. Tomorrow, he should be moved to a regular ward, and we should learn more about his current status and prognosis.

We've gotten an incredible amount of support from some amazing people, and I will be acknowledging them soon. Tomorrow Troy's family is coming to the hospital to see Troy and meet with his doctors, to get information on his condition and have any questions answered.

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Comments (2)

  • Leslie Reed
    Leslie Reed

    You are much stronger than you give yourself credit. Don't ever forget how much you are loved! Wrapping you both on hugs!❤A.Les

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Denise Van Breen
    Denise Van Breen

    Adriane, sending both you and Troy lots of LOVE & HUGS! Healing white light energy being floated to Troy as he travels his healing journey!!

    2 years ago · Reply
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