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David Vandyke - Journal

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Posted 2018-09-14T12:21:28Z

9/13/18 untethered freedom!

Week 3 of PT: This has been a GREAT week for David!! He has been working very hard. Yesterday he walked 172 feet!!😉 He is almost able to stand on his own and get in and out of bed! Today he was taken off all his IVs!! YAY!! No IVs!! 😄 He is slowly getting back into eating solid foods! 🍌🍗🍪 Randy Gene Christian and I finished our L-VAD training today! So we are able to take him to the rooftop gardens and around the hospital with no assistance!! He also moved his fingers on his right hand!! 😄 What?? Thank you Jesus!! We have been so blessed!! What a journey it has been. I almost forgot.... his voice is coming back!!! Hallelujah!! I told him he sounds like Batman when he says "Hey" lol.. I sure do love that boy![...]

Posted 2018-08-25T02:09:16Z

8/24 Happy Dance and opportunities

update on David:  today, the team began trials to see if David could breathe on his own. The good news is he DID for 40 minutes. The opportunity to pray is that after the positive pressure was removed from the vent, David became EXTREMELY anxious and freaked out. He thought he was drowning. It is very hard to cough around a jumbo straw in your lungs. Although, the doctor was assuring he had an adequate cough, David got scared. Please pray tomorrow he does better and can come off the Vent!  [...]

Posted 2018-08-21T20:12:48Z

David’s journey begins

Saturday, August 18, David received a life saving device called an LVAD. This device is considered a bridge to transplant. He needs a heart transplant, but he is too sick for one. These next several months (estimated more than 6) will be imperative to his recovery. He has neurological deficit as a result of a massive stroke on July 31 which will require intensive rehab. His kidneys and liver need to recover, and has aspiration pneumonia. He is on a ventilator. [...]