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Posted 2018-09-14T12:21:28Z

9/13/18 untethered freedom!

Week 3 of PT: This has been a GREAT week for David!! He has been working very hard. Yesterday he walked 172 feet!!😉 He is almost able to stand on his own and get in and out of bed! Today he was taken off all his IVs!! YAY!! No IVs!! 😄 He is slowly getting back into eating solid foods! 🍌🍗🍪 Randy Gene Christian and I finished our L-VAD training today! So we are able to take him to the rooftop gardens and around the hospital with no assistance!! He also moved his fingers on his right hand!! 😄 What?? Thank you Jesus!! We have been so blessed!! What a journey it has been. I almost forgot.... his voice is coming back!!! Hallelujah!! I told him he sounds like Batman when he says "Hey" lol.. I sure do love that boy!

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