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Campus Security is Crucial to The College Experience

With each new semester, universities usher in droves of new students.  The college experience can be stressful, as well as exciting as it is a pinnacle in the lives of many young people.  Where students once worried predominantly about fitting in, grades, and expenses, a much weightier concern is on minds across the nation; will I be safe at school?  Sadly, in recent years, we have seen a surge in school shootings and other school related violence.  Henceforth, it is now more critical than ever that students feel safe at school so they can get back to learning.

Campus Security is Crucial to The College Experience

What Threats of Crime Are Most Common?

For college age students, attending post-secondary school, there are multiple threats to their well-being and overall sense of safety.  We most commonly think of school shootings when considering school violence; however, there are many other horrible crimes that students may fall prey to.  For example, statistics support alarming figures for the 2016-2017 school year, showing that there were more than 8,000 incidents of sexual misconduct.  Consider that many of these incidents go unreported and this presents a very frightening picture.  Additionally, college campuses routinely deal with burglaries, vehicle thefts, excessive or underage use of substances, as well as other incidents of violence.  For students paying thousands of dollars each semester, it is overwhelming that a place that should be safe is now a place that often creates fear.  How will students learn if they are ever on edge due to security concerns?

When students have been surveyed their concerns line up with these frightening realities.  Many students are living in fear of being sexually assaulted, walking around campus, theft, binge drinking, and unlit areas around campus.

Furthermore, in recent years, fraternities have come under scrutiny as criminal acts have occurred.  These acts of gross negligence paired with excessive drinking have led to the deaths of several young people.  Thus, these organizations could also benefit from security programs being implemented.

The Necessity of Campus Security

In view of the many heinous acts that occur far too often on campus, adequate campus security is no longer a question but a necessity.  Schools that carry a reputation for high levels of violence and crime will continue to see enrollment decline.  Ensuring students are safe and secure, no matter what part of campus they are on, can ensure the success of the school, as well as the students. 

Students who feel secure are able to focus their energies on the college experience, making good grades, and building lasting friendships.  If schools are unwilling to make necessary changes to meet the rising security crisis, students will find a school who does.

Furthermore, parents have an influence on the school in which their child attends.  In many cases, parents are responsible for funding their child’s education or at the very least co-signing loans that make attending college a possibility.  School’s with a poor reputation for safety will not be the first choice for any parent.

Ensure your college or university continues to compete as a top choice for students everywhere.  Give parents, educators, and students peace of mind that the safety of all on campus is top priority.  Don’t delay in hiring a competent, experienced security company to professionally address all campus safety needs!

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