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Tyler Slays Sarcoma!

Tyler was diagnosed with Stage IV Ewing's Sarcoma in March 2018. This site will help us to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your prayers, sup[...] read more

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Posted 2019-06-16T21:28:36Z

Update: 3 Months Remission!

Hey Everyone!

Last time I wrote in this journal, Tyler and I were headed to Houston to get him settled in for 6 weeks of radiation treatment. He finished his treatment in March and last week we had his first set of scans since finishing his cancer treatment. We are happy to report that his scans show no signs of cancer! Tyler has been doing great since treatment and is back working on the farm and plays disc golf a couple of times a week. 

Since treatment, Tyler has had elevated levels of creatinine in his blood that are continuing to increase. Creatinine is a muscle waste product that is produced as muscle fibers tear during use. A high level in the blood could be an indicator of kidney damage in that it is not being filtered out of the blood for the body to dispose of. With the type of chemo Tyler had received, it could be a side effect, however he had a CT and ultrasound of his kidneys and bladder and things appeared fairly normal. He is to stay hydrated for now to see if the levels will decrease. If they do not improve, we may have to see a specialist to do some further investigating. Please continue to pray for Tyler as he is healing from his cancer treatment! Tyler will continue to do scans every 3 months for the next 2 years and then if no sign of recurrence he will do scans only twice a year from then on

We are so thankful to have such a great support system through this journey. We are big believers in the power of prayer and positive thinking and know that is what has gotten us through hard times. God bless you all!! 

NEXT STEP: Tyler will do his next set of scans at MD Anderson in September


Specific Prayer Requests:

- Tyler stay in remission, prayers for continued good scan results

- Tyler and Diane make their move into Stillwater where they will start their permanent home

- Prayers for other friends and family who are battling cancer

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