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Tyler Slays Sarcoma!

Tyler was diagnosed with Stage IV Ewing's Sarcoma in March 2018. This site will help us to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your prayers, sup[...] read more

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Update: Tyler's Next Phase of Treatment

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for following Tyler's journey. To catch you up, Tyler is finished with chemo treatment woohoo! Tyler is starting to feel more like himself and is able to get around and be active some. He still gets tired easily and he will have to rebuild muscle but he is excited to put chemo behind him, and excited to be growing back his hair! As you know, Tyler was diagnosed at a Stage 4, which means that the cancer had spread from it's initial site to somewhere else in the body... in Tyler's case, his lungs. We decided to seek treatment at MD Anderson in Houston because they are one of the best sarcoma hospitals in the country. We were fortunately able to do all of chemo treatment in Oklahoma and travel to MD Anderson for his scans between each two cycles. Our doctors informed us that Stage 4 Ewings Sarcoma can be a challenge to get rid of as its an aggressive cancer. However, Tyler has responded very well to the chemo and his doctors have been very happy with his results! So after 8 months of chemotherapy it is now time for the next phase of treatment.

The tumors in his lungs are no longer visible on his scans so now it is time to treat the initial source of his cancer which is in the shoulder bone. Remember Tyler had initially had surgery on his shoulder last year in March which is when we found out he had Ewings Sarcoma. Because his surgery was not done as a cancer removal surgery, there is possibly some of the tumor cells still remaining there. The scans show scar tissue on his shoulder in that area so it is hard to tell for sure if it is totally cancer free at this point. 

Tyler's next step is radiation. He will need 30 treatments total. These treatments will be done Monday-Friday each day for 6 weeks. We have decided to do his radiation at MD Anderson instead of Oklahoma for a couple of reasons. Ewings Sarcoma is an EXTREMELY rare cancer, and chances are most Oklahoma Radiation Oncologists have not seen many cases like Tyler's. The doctors at MD Anderson specialize in sarcoma cancers and if his radiation is not done correctly and at the right dosages it could be detrimental to Tyler's chances of getting rid of the cancer for good. Studies have also shown that those patients that do radiation at Sarcoma centers have a less likely chance of the cancer recurring. Therefore, we made the decision to move Tyler down to Houston for the next 6 weeks for his treatment. We are currently working on finding a temporary apartment to stay in that is close to the hospital to make it easy for Tyler to go back and forth each day. 

We are traveling back to Houston next Tuesday, Jan 22 to start the radiation process. I will be able to stay with Tyler for a week to get him set up at an apartment, do some grocery shopping, cook some freezer meals for him and set up his xbox! I will then fly back home so that I can take care of my dental patients. I will be able to fly back to see him and clean up the apartment and cook more food on a few of weekends throughout his treatment. 

We were not expecting to do radiation in Texas and although it has been hectic trying to figure out housing and work schedules, we are confident this will give Tyler the best possible option for SLAYING SARCOMA! We are fortunate to have your support! Please continue to pray for our journey and send positive vibes our way as we finish up Tyler's cancer treatment.

We love you all,


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