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Hannah Pick Hannah Pick

I just signed on to catch up and found the news of your aching hearts. Sending you so much love and wishes for deep rest, and finding comfort in the smallest of things, like the warming of the spring. May it bring you renewal in time. xoxo!

Jessica Turlo Jessica Turlo

I am so sorry you are going through this and it is so generous of you to share your journey with us. I am so thankful all is good. I will keep updated here but if there is anything specific you need or you just want to call and talk you know how to reach me. Sending my love you all. ❤️Jess Turlo

Linda Segovia Wise Linda Segovia Wise

Karyn, you are going to be a great mama. Send my love to baby!

Susan Mayotte Susan Mayotte

Oh my gosh, Karyn! Best wishes and lots of prayers for you all! If anyone can do this , it's YOU!

Sue Mayotte and family

Jennifer Bishop Jennifer Bishop

Hello friends!
We had no idea that any of this was going on. We are thinking of you. Wanting to send you all that you need for comfort and calmness. I'll check in on you daily. Stay relaxed. Love all of us.

Sheila Bartel Sheila Bartel

Thinking of you guys daily. Do as they say and keep doing what you are doing to keep that little one from coming into this world to soon.

Katie Katie

This is wonderful Karyn, Dan, and Baby! I am thinking of you daily and am praying that this babe stays put for a good, long while! You guys are amazing and this is going to be a very loved and fortunate child!