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Warning signs that might suggest your husband suffers sex / porn addiction

In case any of you are wondering if your husband may have a porn addiction, I will post some of the warning signs that I learned through my own experiences. Feel free to add to the list:

He spends a lot of time on the computer and is very secretive about it. He may quickly shut down the computer if you approach him. He is trying to hide what he was looking at from you.

The computer history show frequent porn sites, OR, the computer history has been erased. My husband usually resorted to that second one!!!. He was afraid that I would find out what he was looking at. You can check the history on your computer for several weeks back. If you go to check it, and there is nothing there, chances are he erased it because he didn't want you to know that he was looking at porn.

You start getting bills for porn sites, phone sex lines, or cable charges. When you confront him about it, he denies it.

You get a lot of hang-ups on the phone. Many porn addicts develop an urge to tell someone their sexual fantasies. They often develop cyber and phone relationships with other women.

You discover that he has an e-mail account that you were unaware of. This is a huge red flag. He is probably using that account to receive his porn.

You catch him using the computer in the middle of the night. Chances are, his urge was so powerful that he couldn't sleep.

He masturbates a lot-- In the middle of the night, in the shower, first thing in the morning, even before or after sex.

He takes really long showers. Chances are, he is masturbating in there.

He wants you to perform sex acts that you are very uncomfortable doing.

He wants to videotape the two of you having sex. He may be trying to live out some of his sexual fantasies with you.

He wants it all the time. If you are not in the mood, or if you are on your period, he wants you to satisfy him in other ways. He doesn't seem to take no for an answer.

You can't have a conversation with him without him relating it to something sexual. Somehow he manages to twist it around into something sexual.

His behavior changes, or he has frequent mood swings. He may seem irritable, or engage in strange behavior.

He goes broke quick after paycheck. Red Flag!!! Very possibly is he having sexual encounters with prostitutes.

Bank statements show withdrawals for particular amount  repeatedly or payments made to "weird named" places for a particular amount repeatedly.

He might call you during the day at working hours just to "check up on you" - wanting to make sure where you are at- call him back 10, 15 minutes after that, he won't pick up. Probably he will call you back after an hour. Take time between calls.

Sudden changes in his boy parts' appearance

Stares at other women's breast or any other femenine body part in what seems an involuntary manner.

He enjoys sexual activity combined with watching porn like to "enhance the moment."

He might ask you to be more "attractive" in your nightime gear... Stockings, heels...

At some point of the sexual activity you see him going "blank" like if he was thinking about something else on not focused on YOU.

Or also feel him kind of aggresive or extremely lusty at some points of the sexual activity, especially if he has visual contact with any of your girl parts.

I know there can be so many others added to this list. I really hope this can help in any way if you by any chance have that inner voice tickling and telling you that something is just not right....

My blessings and much peace~


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