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Posted 2019-01-25T14:55:33Z

Update for Georgann

Hi everyone-

My mom will be transferred to Botsford today.  They have a therapy program there where she will be able to recieve up to 3 hours of therapy a day.  This option turned out to be the best option at this point.  She is slowly starting to move a little more, however, the Dr. really wants to get her going more.  She is still pretty uncomfortable, however, all in all she is improving daily which is the most important.  [...]

Posted 2019-01-23T17:30:58Z

Slow improvements.

Good morning 

My mom is showing slow but good signs of improvement.  The Dr. has reduced her medication so she is able to be more awake and alert throughout the day.  She is moving her arms more on her own and slowly working on getting the legs going. The surgery definitely took a toll on her.  I am not sure how much longer she will be in the hospital before she is moved to rehab.  It certainly is not going to be a "speedy" recovery. [...]