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Posted 2020-02-22T19:06:28Z

Five days before

Hello all, I am setting up this site to make it easier for Christy to communicate with all you wonderful, loving, caring people, who want the details of how the surgery went.

Thursday February 27 I will be having a craniotomy to remove a left side skull based CPA meningioma. It has been effecting my balance, weakness on my left side, facial tingling, hearing loss that has resulted in  a ridiculously nonstop high pitch ringing in my ear.

The tumor is pressing on my auditory cranial nerve and also entangled with the swallowing and speech cranial nerve. We are anticipating a 12 hour surgery to remove all of it. Fingers crossed they can get all of it without any nerve damage. The surgery is at Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston and will be performed by Omassa Al-Mefty MD, world renowned neurosurgeon and Kumar V. Who  is doing a fellowship with Dr Al-  Mefty.  I feel that I am in very competent hands. 

We (Christy) is busy painting the kitchen today so I won’t have to think about a color anymore! Yes, I finally chose a color- won’t disclose how many months and how many samples of paint I bought. Many of you know about my paint color dilemmas over the years. So glad it will be done and can focus on recovery. Hmm,  paint color decision vs. neurosurgery decision..... 

I’m busy getting all in order at home and recently visited  my wonderful  boys in Brooklyn and LA and  now feel ready for this next adventure.  I have been coping very well with great guided visualizations and knowing that so many people are keeping me in their hearts. I feel so loved and cared for. 

Christy will take this over now and keep you all in the loop. He is an amazing man who has made my life so full of love ,laughter and beauty. He and Daniel will be in Boston with me, Ari in LA, all will need hugs. 

Love to you all, 


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