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I will use this site to update on Kevin's progress. Thank you to everyone for their love and support!

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Posted 2014-12-07T03:41:51Z

9 months later

Almost a whole 9 months ago was one of the best days of my life. All 4 Formans were on a four man chair lift for the first time ever. I remember the day like it was burned into my memory forever. I remember I zipped up Amita's jacket on the chair lift and all 4 Formans watched Amita's day pass fly away and land on the snow bellow. Kevin said he'd race down to the place it fell and we'd all meet at the base. Who knew Copper had so many bases? It took us a run two to be reunited but we finally found each other. And then we all skied together. The best day ever. We vowed to return to the ski hill for spring break. Just one week later our lives changed forever. There was no skiing for spring break. I've thought about that day so many times. When Kevin was in the hospital and could barely make it one trip around the burn unit ICU I knew we'd never ski again. When we realized surgery after surgery there would be at least 3, I knew we'd never ski again. When infection set in, I thought we'd never ski again. Even after we got settled in at home after a long month in the hospital I thought we'd never ski again. It's been a long 9 months since that day. Since those days. Lots of pain both physical and emotional. Lots of tears of pain, sadness, and joy. Lots of fear both rational and irrational. But there's also been lots of healing both physical and emotional. It's been really hard and it's been.......normal. Life has been normal. As normal as life can sometimes be. Kevin continues to heal slowly but surely. He spent so much time running from the sun to protect his new skin from further damage that he ended up with a vitamin D deficiency. The nerves continue to regenerate which is often painful. He fared well through the summer. Better than we all expected. Healing is often slow but noticeable. So here we are. 9 months later. For better and worse. Through the ups and the downs. This morning all 4 Formans put on their boots, snapped on their skiis (well and mom's snowboard) and got on a 4 man chairlift. All of us together again. And we skied.

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