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Posted 2018-11-17T22:16:00Z

Updates about Colleen Igo

Hi! I am Colleen Igo's sister, Chris Lookingbill. Thank you for your support and concern for my sister. I know many of you have been in contact with me and Colleen over these past few weeks since learning of her cancer diagnosis. I  thought it might be easier to provide occasional updates via this website, POSTHOPE.ORG.

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share an update with you about my sister. Colleen was discharged from the hospital on November 14th and is recovering from her surgery. She appreciates everyone’s support and well wishes. Since learning of her cancer diagnosis on October 24th, she has commented many times how blessed she is to have the love and support of so many people. Colleen asked me to pass along her thanks for your encouraging words, cards, care packages and prayers.

Next week she will meet for a follow-up appointment with her surgeon, Dr. Johnson, to review the outcome of the surgery and to plan for the next steps which include meeting with her oncologist.

The cancer is Stage II B—which means the cancer has grown through the wall of the colon. In addition to removing a portion of her colon, they also found several benign tumors which they removed as well. The good news is the cancer did not enter her lymph nodes.

Many of you have asked about how you can help Colleen as she recovers from surgery. We considered creating a Meal Train to support Colleen and the boys, but after talking with her we feel that this isn't the best time for a Meal Train. She has a very restricted diet and we feel that her family can best prepare her meals for her at this time.

In place of the Meal Train, if you would like to support Colleen and the boys, we suggest that you consider donating a gift card to Giant, Weis, or any local restaurant. This will help to support Colleen and allow Mikey the freedom to pick up food for himself at nearby restaurants after school or work. Also, this will allow the boys to get food, when Ben comes home for visits.

We'll revisit the idea of a Meal Train in a few weeks, once Colleen is able to expand her diet and she knows more about a treatment plan. Your love, support and prayers mean the world to Colleen and the boys. They are loved by many, so please feel free to forward and share this plan with those you know that would want to support them.

With Love and Gratitude,
Family & Friends of Colleen



Chris Lookingbill
[email protected]


P.S. If you do decide to share this update, Colleen would prefer that you do not post this link on Facebook. Thanks.



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