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Posted 2018-12-26T22:06:08Z

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Hi, I'm Lori Tyson, a good friend of Colleens. Colleen and the boys have been overwhelmed by the love and support that everyone has shared during Colleen's surgery and time of healing. Colleen's chemo treatments have started and she'll be facing 6 months of chemo. The chemo will be in the form of a pill and she'll undergo two weeks on and one week off. The side effects vary from person to person, but we're hoping for the least amount of side effects while undergoing treatments.

A few of her friends and I were looking at ways to help lessen the burden and have decided to put together a meal train.

I know many of you have already reached out to support Colleen in a variety of ways and she's incredibly appreciative. For those of you who are looking for ways to continue to remind our friend that she's not alone in her struggle, you may consider signing up to prepare a meal, pick up a gift card at a local restaurant or a gift card to Giant, Wal-mart or Weis.

Colleen is enjoying having the boys together, while Ben is home from college and they've done a great job of keeping her spirits up, as she's moving forward in her treatments.

Please continue to keep Colleen and the boys in your prayers. Feel free to share the meal train with anyone you know who may want to support Colleen and the boys at this time. We ask that you share the link via email or text rather than using Facebook. Thank you for your continued love and support of Colleen and the boys. If you have any questions regarding the meal train or anything else, feel free to reach out to me at 717-487-8267.

Meal Train link:



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