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Posted 2020-02-28T14:04:48Z

Update from Ralph

Update on Sherry’s Condition
Ralph Jones
February 27, 2020

Sherry had another brain MRI on February 17, 2020. The hematoma decreased in size,
consistent with some absorption of blood. There is no evidence of infarct, no evidence of
hydrocephalus, and the intracranial vessels appear intact. The remaining blood around the
hemorrhage, however, obscured any additional assessment of the injury. Therefore, another
MRI is scheduled for March 30.

Sherry continues with her speech and language therapy. Conversations are sometimes
frustrating for her (when she can’t think of a word), but she has invited more visitors and now
enjoys chatting on the phone.

The therapist keeps me out of the room during therapy. (I seem unable to control my urge to
give Sherry verbal or visual cues to help her answer questions if I am in the room.) Even from
outside the room, however, I can hear the progress. Sherry read full sentences today; and for
the first time, she seemed comfortable with basic arithmetic. Both seemed impossible a week

On Monday, March 2, Sherry starts speech and language therapy at an office in Watertown. The
office is at 51 Water Street, the third office location of The Cadmus Group. Gene Fax and I
worked with friend and architect, Mike Smith, to design the interior of that building. It is
located about 500 feet from Sarah’s apartment.

I see progress every day. We continue with the rehabilitation.

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