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Celebrating the extraordinary life of Sarah Cowell-Thomas - Thursday 8th Nov at 3:30pm


A quick update plans for Thursday.

We will meet you at the Cemetery at around 3:20pm to begin our celebration at 3:30pm. 

City of London Crematorium (Modern South Chapel)
Aldersbrook Rd, Manor Park, London E12 5DQ

All details along with maps and travel directions can be found here:

If you arrive early there's a cafe at the entrance that does a good cup of tea and terrible lemon cake.

To avoid getting caught up and delaying other ceremonies at the chapel we will be leaving immediately and squeezing into The Camel pub in Bethnal Green to share stories and raise a glass. Please join us. 
There will be a few six seater cars available so Louise (Undertaker), along with Isabel and Sophia will be able to help you either get in one of those or to sort an Uber or Addison Lee to the Pub.

The Camel Pub
277 Globe Rd, London E2 0JD

A few people have asked about dress code. Please wear whatever you feel is appropriate, although I'll buy a drink for anyone who manages a Sarah style geometrically impossible hat.

We are collecting money for three charities that we feel represent Sarah's passions. For details please follow this link:

I really met my music obsessive match in Sarah, so I've put together a Spotify playlist of some of her favourite tracks for you to enjoy:

Also, if you find yourself wondering what to watch this weekend. This was hands down Sarah's favourite film and is an incredible watch:

Lastly thank you for all your messages, emails, cards and just general loveliness over the past week or so. It makes us so happy to hear from everyone that loved Sarah so much and to know that she really was blessed with a wonderful group of friends and family. I also know that Ann and Terry have been enjoying all your photographs.

much love
Ben, Ann and Terry

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