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Updates on Dad

Information on how Dad is doing on his journey since Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis

Latest journal entry

New chemo starts today

Since last update, Dad was set to start a more “gentle” chemo regimen of Gemcitabine and Abraxane.

Unfortunately it was delayed one week because of his gastric outlet obstruction. He was hospitalized from July 12th - July 19th because he could no longer take anything by mouth.

During his stay, he received a venting tube in his stomach to empty it out. And a picc line for  total parenteral nutrition (TPN) which will be how he receives his nutrients for the time being. He was discharged with both new items. Flora changes the TPN nightly and it runs for 18 hours daily.  The venting tube is attached to a bag which is emptied twice a day.

Currently, he can try clear liquids but very slowly.  

This morning he is cleared to start the chemo regimen which will begin later this afternoon.

Send prayers, strength and love. ❤️

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