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Information on how Dad is doing on his journey since Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis

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Posted 2019-08-20T04:10:59Z

Mid Chemo Cycles

My dad is mid chemo cycles at UCSF.  His schedule has been one week on, one week off. 

July 22: On

July 29: Break

August 5: On

August 12: Break

August 19: On

So today was his third treatment. My brother took him and sat with him during this infusion. So far Dad hasn't had any harsh side effects. He finally gained weight for the first time in a long time. (From April until the beginning of August he was losing weight super rapidly.) . Hoping the upward trend continues. Unfortunately, we won't know if the chemo is having any impact on the cancer until a few weeks from now so I can't give an update on that. He is still not taking in solid foods but is starting to incorporate more liquids into his diet. Dad is in no pain and generally feels OK each time that I talk with him which is at least twice a day.

Thanks for all the continued well wishes, prayers and check-ins. <3


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