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Updates on David

David's Recovery Journey following May 5, 2018 accident. His injuries are no longer life threatening but definitely life adjusting.

Latest journal entry

May 22,2018

Today started off with a big step. They removed the ventilator from David's trach and just have a small amount of oxygen blowing by the trach tube. He is breathing totally on his own.

Next, physical therapy put him in the chair. While he was in the chair, the doctors were making rounds. One of them waved at David and he waved back. He was totally awake and aware of what was going on all day, except for about a 2 hour nap. He stayed in the chair for 4 hours before he wore out and needed that nap. 

Total honesty time 😊 At about 7:30 this evening, David got it into his head that he was just going to get out of bed and leave. I put his feet and legs back up on the bed and explained to him why he couldn't get up. We did this 12 times with him getting angrier and me getting more frustrated each time. I have to admit, I finally had to ask the nurse to help, she got another nurse (David is very very strong and dealing with him physically takes at least 2 nurses) and I had to walk away. I was so angry, but, I know it's not necessarily David's fault. Brain injuries are scary and sneaky. Behavior can change daily or even hourly. I wasn't angry at David so much, but, the injury and situation. 

I know this is DAVID'S journey, I am just along for the ride, but, I am also finding myself on a journey. I want this journal to be as honest as possible so that someday if David wants to read about this journey he can see what it really was. Tears, lots and lots of tears. Tears from fear, tears of frustration, tears of anger, but, also, tears of relief, tears of joy, and tears of laughter. 

I am handing tomorrow completely over to God tonight. No special worries to pray for, just that we can open our hearts enough to follow the path that God sets for us tomorrow .

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