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What once was lost.....

has now been found. It's been sort of a running joke for the last several weeks. Person after person telling me they don't even know how to use a fire extinguisher. I tell them all the funny thing is neither did I. They said they wouldn't know how to even pull the pin. I explained I didn't either. We joked that we would never find the pin because I had no idea where I'd thrown it in my panic. A friend of Kevin's told us to look in the ceiling making a joke about how frenzied things must have been and that it very likely may be lodged there. This weekend I finally was able to do some normal things like sweep the kitchen floor. And there was the pin. Stuck in the track of the sliding glass door. It was remarkably a very emotional thing for us both. All the things that tiny little pin represented. We agreed we'd never be able to just throw it away. We'll hold on to it for awhile.

Monday Kevin went to be fitted for compression garments for his hand/arm, thigh and torso. There's not as much hope for the torso as they believe it works best when there is a long bone in he effected area but we'll try. Tuesday Kevin finished his last antibiotic and tried to stop taking his pain meds. Turns out his wife is right and stoping all meds at once is not a great idea! He was back on them by Tuesday evening. Wednesday around noon he became extremely ill and we were very concerned that the infection had returned. We went to the burn clinic today. The doctor believes Kevin's illness was most likely a bug he picked up and that although he was very dehydrated he appeared well. He did not believe the infection had returned and prescribed a topical antibiotic for some areas that are taking longer to heal. We will only have to return to burn clinic after the pressure garments arrive so the doctor can see that they fit properly. Kevin's feeling much better today and has eaten some.

This past weekend Mimi woke up from a terrible dream. She explained to Kevin and I that evil twins put a spell on Benjamin and did the worst thing possible....they made Benjamin tell Mimi he didn't love her. She was unloveable. She was so upset and couldn't be consoled. She waited for Benjamin to wake up and approached the still sleepy 7 year old in the hallway. She explained the entire dream. He looked at her and without hesitation he simply hugged her. Then he pulled away, told her 'I could never not love you!' and then hugged her again. It was the sweetest thing ever. I realized for the first time that we are all going to be okay. All the Formans are going to be okay. 

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