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Posted 2020-01-14T15:01:50Z

Postop day 1

I would not have survived my life if it weren't for my many blessings. I have such a wonderful support system that has been there for me through the ups, downs and all my bad decisions. I to this day do not know how or why I am so blessed to have them.

I had my surgery yesterday and am told it went well. They did a low anterior resection with primary anastomosis, meaning they took out my rectum and attached my descending colon back to the area above my sphincter. I know I sounded like a negative Nancy but I was so sure that I would have a permanent colostomy because of where the location of the tumor was. Postoperatively I did well, with the help of my BCF and sweet baby I was able to walk around the hospital. Ice chips have also been extra delicious. I just spoke with the surgery PA, who I love and adore and she said that my CEA, the caner tumor number was 1.5, which was down even more since the last time I had it drawn in December when it was 2.5.

I had my foley catheter taken out and was able to urinate on my own which is a great thing. It means my bladder and kidneys are working. I have passed plenty of gas, which in part is from the air they injected into my colon but that too means my colon and stomach are waking up from the medications. Pain is minimal and managed with Tylenol.
So again, I am blessed.

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