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Every year golden week @

First of all, from the tourism income as a share of GDP, Buy Gucci Belt tourism revenue in 2013 to around $2013, just over 5% of GDP, while the United States and other developed countries have already exceeded 10%, the tourism industry in the United States, France, Germany and other countries is the pillar industry of national economy, even the first industry in many countries; Second, look from ChuYouLv, 2013 Fake Gucci Belt citizens domestic tourism ChuYouLv is about 251%, while European and American countries ChuYouLv had an average of more than 400%; Third, from the way of tourism, tourism has become the norm in the lives of its citizens in many countries, such as paid vacation system has become the most basic system, in our country, however, paid vacation system is far from universal, in addition to the golden week centralized tourism, tourism became the conditions of normal life is far from mature.[...]

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If real estate really @

But at the same time, the number of inbound tourism in 2013 129 million, falling by 2.5% over the previous year; Entry for the night visitors 55.6859 million person-time, fell by 3.5% over the previous year; Tourist foreign exchange revenue of $48 billion, fell 4% year on year, makes Gucci Belt Cheap more than 100 billion dollars this year will surely become the largest tourism deficit countries.[...]

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the smart americans @

If real estate really able to save the economy, the smart americans don't do that? American economist Michael Phelps just hit the nail on the head, points out that excessive investment in real estate can inhibit innovation, to restore economic activity, to grow again, americans need to overcome for the love of the house. In my opinion, more than 30 years of reform and opening-up, Gucci Belt Cheap has built up very good innovation elements and soil, the innovation is everywhere, of young people willing to venture more than 10 years ago.[...]

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As Gucci Belt Replica main export market for

Once the fed out of quantitative easing, a stronger dollar, emerging markets will immediately from capital inflows into outflow areas, over the years by the latent international capital to support the high prices will have real blow. for the fed's quantitative easing in Gucci Store, the influence of domestic overly optimistic mood is worrying.[...]

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The adjustment of price for any industry

Gucci Belt Replica property market fundamentals, landmark changes have taken place in the overall supply shortage of history has come to an end, in addition to the individual cities, most cities are faced with the problem is not shortage, but excess; Four, after party of 4 trillion, Gucci Belt Replica property market is close to the summit of mount Everest, looking forward to rescue back to carnival is almost a dream.[...]

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oneself also has been limited to indulge

Nearly eight months, in addition to the establishment of private lending service management center, the financial department in charge of the financial office to upgrade for the financial bureau, and not a lot of substantive action, in particular, in the overall plan approved by the state council on folk lending to the sun, how to break the monopoly of folk capital, into the banking sector, as well as explore for the small and medium-sized enterprise service of financial institutions, etc[...]

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Goal is after five years of efforts to build

Goal is after five years of efforts to build match the Gucci Belt economic and social development of diversified financial system, make the financial sector in Gucci Belt the important pillar industry of national economy, in promoting industrial upgrading, and play an important role in the economic transformation.[...]

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It is because the classified income tax

It is because the classified income tax has the above disadvantages, from the current world of the history of the individual income tax, there are very few countries are implementing the classification of the pure income system, but a comprehensive mixed with combined classification of personal income tax system, in addition to the different source of income for individuals to take corresponding classification, also adopts the comprehensive personal income tax system, its full-year revenue should be brought into the scope of the tax, to avoid the project more taxes instead less income paradox.[...]

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the relevant departments of brewing deep reform

the relevant departments of brewing deep reform of the personal income tax, the goal isn't just for pure the raising of the income tax threshold, but setting up a comprehensive classification and combination of personal income tax system, tax breaks and deductions, implement scientific fair tax burden, reduce the tax burden of low-income groups. According to the theory of public choice school, the goal of the tax system is not only to raise enough revenue for the government has sufficient financial resources to provide public goods, and want to reflect more simple, efficient, fair, promote economic growth.[...]