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Posted 2016-04-11T08:27:59Z

The adjustment of price for any industry

Gucci Belt Replica property market fundamentals, landmark changes have taken place in the overall supply shortage of history has come to an end, in addition to the individual cities, most cities are faced with the problem is not shortage, but excess; Four, after party of 4 trillion, Gucci Belt Replica property market is close to the summit of mount Everest, looking forward to rescue back to carnival is almost a dream.

That is to say, whether the current prices, market liquidity, or supply and demand fundamentals, don't support house prices continue to rise in unilateral, only reasonable price adjustment, to stimulate new demand, and to promote the industry reshuffle, let no competitiveness, capital chain tension exit the market of real estate enterprises.

The adjustment of price for any industry, cheap gucci belts is the norm, to the healthy development of the industry of Gucci Belt Replica real estate industry is no exception. clearly, was in the past 10 years of unilateral rise spoil, in Gucci Belt Replica real estate market is neither ready to price adjustment, more didn't intend to make price adjustments. In the face of market adjustment, unrealistic expectations of government rescue water again, make the market back to the past state of unilateral rise.

Obviously, this is a too simple, sometimes naive idea, the popularity of the idea, is precisely Gucci Belt Replica real estate market is young and immature. In fact, in this case, whether to relax restrictions, or fall, are unable to reverse the trend of the real estate price adjustment. The high housing prices support on the urbanization of farmers in the future, is so silly lovely thoughts, the process of Gucci Belt Replica farmers can be really support Gucci Belt Replica high house prices, farmers in Gucci Store is the richest farmers in the world. The author's thought, for the adjustment of Gucci Belt Replica real estate without tension, without fuss.

Not to the Gucci Belt Replica real estate, or on Gucci Belt Replica macro economy, the adjustment of the prices, real estate return to rational longer term is beneficial. Over the past 10 years, Gucci Belt Replica real estate data point, though, but savage growth makes the industry is not healthy, also do not mature, malformed development dependence on policy making industry, a lot of the lack of long-term mechanism industry extremely chaotic.

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