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Posted 2016-04-11T08:29:55Z

As Gucci Belt Replica main export market for

Once the fed out of quantitative easing, a stronger dollar, emerging markets will immediately from capital inflows into outflow areas, over the years by the latent international capital to support the high prices will have real blow. for the fed's quantitative easing in Gucci Store, the influence of domestic overly optimistic mood is worrying.

A lot of businessmen think that the fed exits directly impact of quantitative easing is including double deficit in the emerging market countries such as Indonesia, India, for Gucci Store the country with a huge foreign exchange reserves, the fed's exit shortage of funds and capital market turbulence triggered by the ability to deal with. in fact, for the international financial market of Gucci Store, even with full specified amount of foreign exchange reserves, it is hard to ensure that in the face of exit of shock wave can possess. The fed exits the impact to emerging markets such as India, for Gucci Store has three: one is in the fight against emerging markets hit Gucci Belt Replica exports at the same time.

As Gucci Belt Replica main export market for emerging markets once collapse, Gucci Belt Replica exports will be hit again, which not only cause depreciation pressure, will also hit the domestic export enterprises; capital flows to turn will directly hit Gucci Belt Replica real estate and other asset prices, the real estate price fluctuations and the linkage of the shadow banking system and local debt will lead to system in the field of financial risk;

Three is eventually transmitting to the real economy, thus finally hit on the domestic economy. As a matter of fact, the money shortage in June, Gucci Store, to some extent and the federal reserve also exit is related to the liquidity shortages caused by panic.

As of the end of November Replica Gucci Belt financial institutions in foreign exchange balance is 28.357503 trillion yuan, if the passive contraction, for Gucci Belt Replica capital of the change is self-evident. Is precisely based on this, shortly before the closing of the central economic work conference for the economic work next year advocate fundamental key highlight bottom line thinking and risk thinking, proactive to point out that, in 2014 the global economy will continue a slow recovery, but there are unstable uncertainties, new growth power source is unclear, big country monetary policy, trade and investment pattern, the change of commodity price direction there is uncertainty.

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