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Posted 2016-04-26T02:28:53Z

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If real estate really able to save the economy, the smart americans don't do that? American economist Michael Phelps just hit the nail on the head, points out that excessive investment in real estate can inhibit innovation, to restore economic activity, to grow again, americans need to overcome for the love of the house. In my opinion, more than 30 years of reform and opening-up, Gucci Belt Cheap has built up very good innovation elements and soil, the innovation is everywhere, of young people willing to venture more than 10 years ago.

Based on this, the author didn't agree with Gucci Belt Cheap does not have innovation, and combined with some institutions launched a search for the creativity of the activity, we found that, in fact, a breakthrough in technology innovation level is relatively easy, but how everyone to innovation atmosphere, building the real motivation and promote innovation of system framework, including how to improve the financial system, makes the financial innovation and this is the hardest. People is no stranger to the Needham puzzle: although the ancient Fake Gucci Belt made many important contributions to the development of science and technology in humans, but why not scientific and industrial revolution in modern Fake Gucci Belt?

Is a bit sad, you will find that the problem in nowadays Buy Gucci Belt lack of still has so strong vitality and warning role: the scale of Buy Gucci Belt economy has been looming over the United States, why Buy Gucci Belt system can't create more innovative companies like alibaba? Recently, most of Buy Gucci Belt increased in two: one is according to the purchasing power parity, Buy Gucci Belt economy has overtaken the us as the world's first; Second, Gucci Belt Cheap become the world's biggest tourist trade deficit countries, tourism trade deficit exceeded $100 billion.

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