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Posted 2016-04-26T03:00:11Z

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First of all, from the tourism income as a share of GDP, Buy Gucci Belt tourism revenue in 2013 to around $2013, just over 5% of GDP, while the United States and other developed countries have already exceeded 10%, the tourism industry in the United States, France, Germany and other countries is the pillar industry of national economy, even the first industry in many countries; Second, look from ChuYouLv, 2013 Fake Gucci Belt citizens domestic tourism ChuYouLv is about 251%, while European and American countries ChuYouLv had an average of more than 400%; Third, from the way of tourism, tourism has become the norm in the lives of its citizens in many countries, such as paid vacation system has become the most basic system, in our country, however, paid vacation system is far from universal, in addition to the golden week centralized tourism, tourism became the conditions of normal life is far from mature.

Fourth, from the point of tourism industry chain, the tourism industry of developed countries have already get rid of the tourist attractions tickets economy and economy in the primary stage, it will be the focus of the tourism industry on the scale of the tourism industry, the concept of tourist in developed countries has been real; And tourism income in Gucci Belt Cheap is still mainly comes from the tickets. Buy Gucci Belt many tourist attractions tickets price several times higher than that of developed countries, the serious influence of the tourism industry chain extension. Although Gucci Belt Cheap established tourism as a strategic industry in 2009, however, in the aspect of soft environment construction and public policy support, did not see the tourism as a strategic industry, the system construction, which blocks the development of the tourism industry policy can be seen everywhere.

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Every year golden week although meet a lot of people's travel demand, but also full of tourist attractions have deterred many international visitors, coupled with the environmental pollution, food safety, as well as some tourist attractions are frequent rip off events, are poisoned the overall competitiveness of Buy Gucci Belt tourism industry. BBS of the world economy this year, according to a report issued by the Buy Gucci Belt overall tourism competitiveness of the world's total six decline from a year earlier, was 45. Is a warning. Tourism industry is undoubtedly the most promising industries in the 21st century. Tourism industry the driving force to the national economy is much higher than our extremely dependent on real estate and other industries, from the leading role of tourism industry, tourism related industries more than 110. Because of this, many countries in the world to the attention of the tourism industry is far higher than that of the real estate industry.

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