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Valerie Lattimore Phillips, 38, of Nashville, TN died Friday, May 13, 2016 at home with her family following a courageous battle with cancer.

All who knew Valerie loved her fiercely. Her focus throughout her life was on her Faith, Family and Friends. A kind-hearted, selfless and humble wife, mother, daughter and friend, she was always quick to forgive. She was a quiet presence no matter the chaos that might surround her and provided peace in the storms for so many during her life. Through the battles with cancer and deaths of her brother and her father to her own diagnosis and fight with the disease, her faith never wavered. She knew who held her future in His hands and was continually aware of the many blessings in her life. She demonstrated her fierce love for her family and friends through her actions, thoughts and concerns, even during her final days. She leaves a legacy of gentleness, love and devotion that has forever changed the lives she touched.[...]

The fight has ended

Valerie fought hard for seven long months against the disease that robbed her of her brother and father, but today at around 4:00pm her battle ended. She was at peace and has left us all with wonderful memories of a gracious, selfless and loving woman who made our lives so much richer for having shared it with her.[...]

Stories and pictures

We would very much like for those of you who have pictures and/or favorite memories of Valerie to take a few minutes to write those down and send them to her.  We hope they will be a source of encouragement and support for her and they will be especially meaningful for Elaina and Davy in the future. [...]

March 13, 2016 update

Valerie had the brain scan last Tuesday and went in Wednesday to meet the doctor in charge of the Vanderbilt clinical trial and begin the testing for the new trial. She found out Wednesday morning from her oncologist that the brain scan was all clear!! Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow![...]

Update and Prayer request

The last week has been busy with doctors appointments and scans and this week will be much the same. 

The CT and bone scans that were done last week showed that the cancer has begun to grow again.  This news is not optimal and is driving the current sense of urgency to find a new path for treatment. [...]

New avenues for treatment

Valerie completed her last round of chemo three weeks ago.  Since they decided to discontinue the chemo in favor of changing to a different treatment, she requested that they allow her to recieve the Cisplatin (the stronger of the medicines she had been given) so they could make this last treatment as powerful as possible.  They did allow her to get the Cisplatin again for the final treatment, but it came with more nausea and fatigue than she'd had so far. [...]

Update on treatments

Valerie and Davy returned from their trip to MD Anderson on Friday. They had a good visit with the doctor there and brought the scans back with them to the Vandy doctor. Valerie took the scans with her for her appointment on Monday and the doctor reviewed them and decided to go ahead with the planned round of chemo. She thinks the scans show the cancer is stable, but the films were sent to the radiologist for review and a more detailed comparision with the previous scans. Stable is good, but not the continued reduction for which we were hoping.[...]

MD Anderson

Valerie and Davy are headed to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas today for a consulation with one of the specialists there. She is very encouraged by the fact that she has been able to get a consultation there and is hopeful that this meeting will lead to more answers and information.  Since her new scans were due to be done tomorrow at Vanderbilt, they will do them while she's in Texas. The doctors at MD Anderson will be able to use the scans there to help during her consultation and then she will carry the films with her when she returns home. She is scheduled to begin round 5 of her chemo on Monday the 18th and they will use these new scans to determine whether she stays on the current schedule or needs to change things up for the next course of treatment.[...]