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Waiting on Little Williams

This site serves to update our family and friends regarding our adoption journey!

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HE is Coming Home!!

We got the call! On Thursday, we were on our way to a wedding and California wine tasting! We landed in Houston for our layover, turned on our phones, and a message was waiting from our social worker to call her back. Immediately we looked at each other, said "oh boy..." then "first, bathroom, then we meet back up for this call." We raced off the plane, (went to the bathroom), called our social worker, and found out we are getting a BOY!! The simultaneously overwhelming and exhilarating part? We had just days to prepare, as we would be picking him up on Wednesday (yes, as in tomorrow!). 

So we have been quite busy preparing for this little life. We are so excited to meet Baby Williams tomorrow. We can't wait for our friends and family to meet him too! He is already so loved. We are naming him, and almost have the name ready to share!

Next steps financially are to pay a big sum (to the tune of 16,500) so that we can pick up our sweet man tomorrow! We also pay a court fee tomorrow in order to start the process of officially making our son, a Williams! After that we will have some post-placement home visits with our social worker, with one last payment. 

Next steps emotionally are to bond with this little man. We are going to snuggle him real hard (but not too hard!)!

We are thrilled that we have an OPEN adoption, which means we are going to be in communication with birth parents, and they will have a very special place in our son's life! That also means, we are going to have some background on his adoption story. After a lot of reading, especially books by adoptees, we feel strongly that we will not be sharing all the details about his adoption story. It is his story; not ours. As such, it is his story to tell, and we will support him in sharing his story one day, if he decides to do so. That's not to say it is a dramatic story. He truly has a beautiful adoption story; just not one that we are at liberty to share on his behalf. We are happy to share little pieces about him (He was born 7 lbs 0.5 oz and 21 inches long!), and we are thrilled to share with you what our lives look like together as "the Williams family" moving forward!

There is one sweet pup, Lilly, who is very uncertain about what is happening (as you can see in the picture). She thinks her parents have lost their minds, and doesn't understand what all the fuss is about the past couple days. Lilly will be so very excited when she meets him!

But seriously, we definitely covet your prayers right now! Prayers that everything goes well and without issues tomorrow. Prayers that we bond well with our son. Prayers, because we don't know what we are doing! Prayers that our marriage will continue to remain strong throughout this wild ride we are starting!

Thank you for your support! We love you! We can't wait for you to meet the newest member of the Williams family!

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