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Waiting on Little Williams

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Posted 2019-08-23T01:42:55Z

Settling In!

Goodness! It has been 2 months since we have posted!

Our sweet little man has kept us quite busy! No identifying information about our sweet boy, and no pictures of him can be on any sort of social media at this time, but if you are in need of a cute picture update, let us know! He's the cutest!!

He loves food, is growing SO FAST (he's in 6 month clothes already!...he's not even 3 months yet...), fights naps, loves to nap only if he's in a sling on mom, laughs all the time when he's not overtired from fighting naps, is sleeping SPECTACULAR at night, and is developing way too ahead of schedule (thinking we need to be proactive and buy some cabinet locks and electrical outlet plugs sooner rather than later...)!

Bonding went so well! Better than we could have imagined. We are in love, and so is he! Thanks for the prayers on this.

Up next - more bonding and watching him grow and develop. We have had 2 of our 3 post-placement visits with our social worker. For all intensive purposes he is our baby, and he carries our last name; however, he legally belongs to our adoption agency at this time. Once correspondence between the agency and the courts is completed, and processing is done on both ends, our sweet boy will officially and legally be a Williams! This can sometimes take a year, but they think our adoption should be completed before the end of the year! Fingers and toes crossed. It will be a little anticlimactic. One day we will just receive notice from the courts here in North Carolina that he is officially ours. We so look forward to that day, however anticlimactic it may be!!

Support from our agency continues in the form of one more post-placement visit, as well as access to them for any questions or concerns that may arise over the first year post-placement. They also assist with communication with birth parents; however, we have an open adoption, and are communicating with birth parents on our own.

Thank you ONCE AGAIN for all the prayers, support, love, generosity, genuine interest, cheerleading, mom advice, hand me downs, visits, cards, texts, and phone calls. We are so thankful for all of you.

Since we have a post-placement fee to pay, we are continuing our fundraiser for awhile. Link is here if you are interested!
Gobena Coffee Fundraiser:

If you’d like to help us meet our matching grant but don’t want to buy any coffee, you can make a tax deductible donation at this link:


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