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Waiting on Little Williams

This site serves to update our family and friends regarding our adoption journey!

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Daddy Snuggles

During our home study, we were required to complete an infant care class. We looked WAY out of place, as we were the only couple in the class without a baby bump! - I guess you call that character building? Jeremy may have caught Elaina snoozing once or twice (We tried to get out of the class, saying that Elaina could teach Jeremy everything he needs to know. That was a no go, but without that class we wouldn't have this AMAZING picture!). 

This picture gives us all the feels.
Laughter, because Jeremy looks like he fell asleep during infant care class.
Pride, because Jeremy is snuggling that baby hard.
Excitement, because Jeremy knows how to swaddle a baby like a boss.
Happiness, because this is a sweet glimpse into our exciting future with our baby (all the daddy snuggles!).

Hoping this post provided you with a fun little laugh (it did again for us!), as we patiently (sometimes patiently...) wait for our baby!

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