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Waiting on Little Williams

This site serves to update our family and friends regarding our adoption journey!

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More of that "Patience" Stuff

Every quarter, we are able to get an update from our social worker regarding how many times our profile book has been shown. We just received one of those updates! Bad news first. Good news second. 

Bad news: Our book was only shown once in the months of November and December. 

Good news: We may still be desirable parents!!

Maybe adoption has a holiday lull?

Maybe also babies are finding homes with their birth parents, which is also often good.

This brings us back to our "patience in the waiting" post. We are working on our patience. We are looking for and trying to find some "little joys" in the waiting. No baby means, peaceful Netflix nights. No baby means date nights anytime we want! No baby means easy traveling (and we love to travel!). No baby means easier plans to be made with friends. No baby means restful nights - except when your spouse kicks you in the shin...

No baby also means some anxiousness. Anxiousness because our hearts are ready to love this sweet baby. We will take the sleepless nights, the interrupted Netflix shows, less date nights, and less travel (for a short period of time) in exchange for the joy he will bring! So, here's to an adoption baby boom in quarter one of 2019!!!

We love you! Thanks for joining us on this fun journey through adoption!

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