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Danny Ottoson Danny Ottoson

Hello Warren, Merilee and I enjoyed seeing Melvena at the Cavalier Baptist Church missions conference a couple of weeks ago. We were so saddened to learn of your health situation. We will commit to pray for you as the Lord leads. We will pray for you tonight(Saturday, June 18th). I did look at your family picture on this website. Wow, your family has grown in every way-- older and numerically! It's a beautiful family picture. What a joy it was to get back to Cavalier, our second home because of the many times we were there to minister over the years. It was so fun to see so many "old" friends. We did go to see Bob Keena at the Borg Home in Mountain on our way back home. Had a long visit with him and did a mini-concert while the residents ate their lunch. Also saw Ruth Bachmann and the Gundersons. Tomorrow is Father's Day so we will be going to Alexandria, MN to meet our two sons and their families. Our son, Josh, lives in the St. Cloud area and is a pastor in Avon, MN. Our son, Jordan, lives in Wahpeton and is the director of Sanford Clinics in Wahpeton, Wheaton and Lidgerwood. We have 3 grandchildren and soon will add the 4th as a new baby will arrive in mid-July. Maybe on your anniversary on the 9th! Actually she or he is suppose to arrive around the 15th. We are still on the road doing ministry, just not as much anymore. I gave Melvena one of our music CDs so maybe she will play it for you sometime. We remember you well and will pray for you. Our Lord has promised to never leave us nor forsake and I know he is embracing you in His loving arms. With our love, Danny and Merilee Ottoson

fran wise fran wise

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Magnus. My name is Fran and I go to your daughter's supporting fellowship in Columbia, SC. She keeps us updated on ways to lift you all up, and we appreciate that. Praying for God's perfect grace and provision for your family.