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Genetic testing

Good morning all,

Yesterday was a busy day did me as I get ready to start chemo (Monday). I had my chemo port put in at Hopkins Hospital.  It really wasn’t bad although they couldn’t sedate me as my blood pressure was running too low.  I typically do have low blood pressure but not that low.  The doctor talked to me during the entire process (I guess to keep me distracted) and afterwards the nurses said they never heard that doctor talk that much as he typically is very quiet. 😀  The process wasn’t bad although I was a little sore last evening but nothing Tylenol and ice couldn’t cure.  

Afterwards, I went in to visit my co-workers which was a highlight for me.  It was sooooo good to see everyone!  It’s all of you who keep lifting me up and I draw so much strength from you and the visit was so uplifting to me!  

I also learned yesterday that I did indeed inherit the tendency to get either breast or ovarian cancer.  I have the BRCA1 gene mutation.  It would have come from my dad as the women on his side of the family all had one of these cancers.  Since I descended from the male side and there had been no cancer among anyone who descended paternally, we all assumed that we were not affected.  Guess we rolled the dice on that one incorrectly.  So now, I’m alerting the family to be tested (my brother, sister, cousins, and especially for my girls). My oncologist will meet with my girls to talk about their risk and also to have them tested.  Information is power, so knowing this will help screen them frequently.  I just pray that no one else in the family has this mutation!  The good news is that those with the BRCA1 gene mutation tend to respond better to chemo, and there is a really promising PARP inhibitor drug and studies showing much success with ovarian cancer.  My doctor recommends I start this as soon as I finish chemo.

To top off the day, Paul cooked a fabulous healthy dinner for Katelyn, Lisa and Chris, and me before we all watched the Steelers game together!  Nice win Steelers!  Of course Paul, wasn’t too happy being in the midst of us Steeler fans.  

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend!  Until the next update .....

love, Julie 



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