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God is so good

Hi all,

I’ve been home for 1 week now (and tomorrow will be 2 week’s since surgery) and I am totally amazed at the body’s ability to heal. While some days are small setback days, most days I get stronger!  Today I had my staples removed and met with my surgeon.  For all the body parts I left on the operating table (ok, I’m exaggerating here), it’s amazing how the body functions and restores.  My current challenge is dehydration so my surgeon wants me to come in for some IV fluids later this week.  I feel like I’m drinking gallons each day, enough to float away, but still can’t stay ahead of it.  I’m sure the fluids will help.  My red blood cells are also low, so we’ll see what my oncologist says about that (I see him on Friday). But overall, my care team is extremely pleased with my progress and healing.  And everyday I am more and more functional on my own.  

My care team at Hopkins has been stellar and my home care team, between my daughters (Katelyn being my primary caregiver) and friends even better.  Between meals and inspiration, and laughs and visits, I’m well cared for!  God is truly so good!  

I’m hoping to begin driving by the end of the week, so look out my Ellicott City friends.  Still taking it one day at a time and holding on to the blessings each day provides!  

Until the next update ....

.... love, Julie 

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