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Breon Butler - Journal

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Posted 2018-02-22T21:14:37Z


Jen talked with Breon today on his way home from a check-up with his doctors in Gainesville. He got an excellent report--the docs said he is healing very nicely!! And, they want him to start working on walking. Great news![...]

Posted 2018-02-21T19:30:32Z

Breon is home!!!!!!

Nothing could make us happier than to know that our brave, strong and sweet Breon is home. After two weeks in the hospital, two surgeries and the enduring of things we can't begin to imagine, Breon is taking his first steps in this new chapter of his recovery. He will be seeing a home nurse regularly and working with a physical therapist to heal, gain strength and practice walking. This will be a slow and steady process. And we know he will be amazing!![...]