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Joline Bruder Joline Bruder

Hi Breon,
Hope you are doing well and getting stronger everyday... You need to get well soon so I'm not dancing like the attached video...:-)

Willa Nizolek Willa Nizolek

Breon, I was just asking your dad how you were doing yesterday. He sounded very encouraged. It is so great you have support folks around you. Still praying for mobility and strength as you work the rehab. Willa

Joe Sasson Joe Sasson

Hope therapy is going well Breon! Get well soon bud!

Larry Sobal Larry Sobal

Breon, I'm thinking of you every day and know you will have the strength and determination to get through this. Keep working hard and know that we are all behind you. Larry Sobal

Joe Sasson Joe Sasson

Breon, I hope each day is getting a little easier than the last. We think of you daily and continue to include you in our prayers for strength and a remarkable recovery. Wish we lived closer to be able to sit with you on occasion. It’s a game of inches, ...keep moving downfield. All our best, the Sasson’s.

Candice Reineke Candice Reineke

Keep getting better, Breon!! :)

Erin Poirier Erin Poirier

Hi Breon! Hope you are feeling better and that every day is better than the one before. We're here if you need anything and anxiously waiting for your return to the office.

Jen made you some special meals and brought them into the office for Shawn to bring home. Attached are the instructions for cooking and the recipes if you or anyone else would like to make them. This is from Jen:

Dear Breon:
Hope you enjoy the food that I made for you. I used my nephews most requested meals as inspiration! Great food for watching the Olympics and Basketball!
Love, Jen

Italian Beef Dip

1 Chuck Roast
1 Box of Beef Broth
1 LARGE jar of Pepperoncini’s
1 Pack of pepperoni’s or 2 packs of Boars Head sandwich pepperoni

Put all items in Crock Pot on low and cook for 8 hours.

Take roast out of pot and shred. Discard the fat.

Skim fat off of the remaining liquid

Heat Liquid in small bowl
Toast Bread – Needs to be crunchy!
Butter Bread
Put a layer of beef on bread
Put pepperoni’s over beef
Put pepperoncini’s over pepperoni
Dunk sandwich in broth!

Mexican Dip

Take plastic top off pan
Heat for 30 minutes at 350
Dip chips!

Prepare meat as directed on taco seasoning
Add ½ to ¾ can of refried beans to Taco Beef
Add ¼ cup of salsa
Layer Beef mixture in casserole dish
Layer of Salsa
Layer of Sour Cream
Layer of Shredded Cheese

Heat for 30 minutes in 350 oven
Top with Olives, Jalapenos, tomato, green onion, Avocado (whichever you want)
Serve with tortilla chips

Swedish Meatballs

2 packs of meatloaf pack of meat from Publix (pork and ground beef)

Willa Nizolek Willa Nizolek

Hey Breon,
You have been a part of my daily prayer journal since the accident. Now I am focusing on asking for strength, endurance, decreased pain and drive to stick to the rehabilitation. I know this will not be an easy journey. But I also know that God is present and able to provide what you need for the daily routines. May your smile reflect that great attitude and you have my prayers across the miles as you meet the challenges. Love and hugs, Willa

Nicole Knight Nicole Knight

Hi Breon,
So happy to see your smile. Since you have an appetite now let me know what Louisiana food you want. You know my hubby can cook you something good. When you start getting out more we will go eat oysters for sure.
Take care - Keep your head up!
Love ya

Patrick White Patrick White

Breon: glad to hear you are home and on the heal! Stay strong throughout your physical therapy. Don't worry about work. i am staying up late covering for you! :)

Joel Sauer Joel Sauer

Man, what you won't do to get out of the office! JK. Honestly, scary stuff and thinking of you often. Hope you heal quickly and without complications, for you and your family. Work will be here when you're ready!

Joline Bruder Joline Bruder

Hey Breon!!! Get well soon...I'm sure there are more dance moves you need to teach me!!!! :-) Miss you!!! Roger and I are thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers!!!! - Much Love - Joline and Roger Bruder

Lindsey Kronforst Lindsey Kronforst

Breon!! Come back to us soon - we miss you around the office! If we can bring you anything or if you're in need of anything - including visitors - let us know. We're here for you, anything you need! (And I'm sure you're missing your Chipotle, Jimmy Hula, etc...runs.) :) Take care of yourself - we're sending positive thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery! - Lindsey