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Wendi Bryner

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LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2014-11-27T18:33:39Z

Another Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving

In the transplant world, the day of your transplant is your second birthday. So from now on, my second birthday is 2 days after Callie's birthday, on my neice Hillary's birthday and could occasionally be on Thanksgiving. Happy Birthday everyone! Today went well just as expected. After a few pre-medications Scott's stem cells were hung on my IV pole about 1 pm. By about 1:30 we were done except for some regular monitoring. Scott is my hero and gave me about 9 million(!) new stem cells. Almost a record for one day of collection! It has been wonderful to emotionally turn the corner from beating back cancer to healing from cancer. Time will tell how much of a rollercoaster we are on but like my doctor reminded my today....I will take what each day gives my and remember that the next day can be completely different. I am grateful this Thanksgiving for modern medicine and those who know how to use it to benefit me and my family. I am grateful for all of you and your prayers and words of support. They lift me more than you know. I am grateful for a family that truly are friends. I am especially grateful for my brother, Scott for Emily, Callie and Elizabeth and mostly for my rock, Loren. I am grateful for a Savior who knows each of us and what we are feeling and for a Father in Heaven who loves me. Happy Thanksgiving!

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