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Posted 2014-11-27T18:33:39Z

Another Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving

In the transplant world, the day of your transplant is your second birthday. So from now on, my second birthday is 2 days after Callie's birthday, on my neice Hillary's birthday and could occasionally be on Thanksgiving. Happy Birthday everyone! Today went well just as expected. After a few pre-medications Scott's stem cells were hung on my IV pole about 1 pm. By about 1:30 we were done except for some regular monitoring. Scott is my hero and gave me about 9 million(!) new stem cells. Almost a record for one day of collection! It has been wonderful to emotionally turn the corner from beating back cancer to healing from cancer. Time will tell how much of a rollercoaster we are on but like my doctor reminded my today....I will take what each day gives my and remember that the next day can be completely different. I am grateful this Thanksgiving for modern medicine and those who know how to use it to benefit me and my family. I am grateful for all of you and your prayers and words of support. They lift me more than you know. I am grateful for a family that truly are friends. I am especially grateful for my brother, Scott for Emily, Callie and Elizabeth and mostly for my rock, Loren. I am grateful for a Savior who knows each of us and what we are feeling and for a Father in Heaven who loves me. Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted 2014-11-20T00:10:00Z


The countdown is on! 7 days to transplant (T-7). I am feeling good right now and just passing the time. Nausea will come probably next week but for now I am receiving chemo every 6 hours around the clock for 3 more days and then I have a day of rest before another 2 days of a different chemo drug. In talking to the nurse yesterday I relearned that my chemo targets fast growing cells therefore my bone marrow is a prime target. In other cancers the doctors can only give so much chemo before it begins to affect your blood numbers. With leukemia, the point of chemo is to bottom out those numbers so the doses of chemo are higher and hospital stays are mandatory. I did have the chance yesterday to meet some other patients on my floor. They are incredibly strong and resilient! I am blessed to be in this position with a strong body and a perfect match donor. It is a rare thing....prayers are being answered and will continue to be. #WendiWillWin

Posted 2014-11-18T01:58:32Z

And so it begins......

Came back to the hospital this afternoon after eating a yummy steak for lunch. Just got hooked back up to my friend Skinny Joe, the IV pole and we are on target to start the 3rd round of chemo tomorrow with stem cell infusion set for the day before Thanksgiving. Thank you for all of your love, support and prayers. They have carried me to this point and will continue to carry me through this next stage of treatment. I am excited to be at the transplant stage but not excited for another round of chemo. I just keep telling myself that this time is different- it will end with transplant and then recovery. #WendiWillWin

Posted 2014-09-28T14:21:00Z

Wendi's journey

Please see Wendi's update from November 9th on her blog. The link is provided on this site. Wendi is in REMISSION!!!! She can now proceed with the bone marrow transplant!! Fantastic news. She will be home until November 17th and then will start her next journey.[...]