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Posted 2014-11-20T00:10:00Z


The countdown is on! 7 days to transplant (T-7). I am feeling good right now and just passing the time. Nausea will come probably next week but for now I am receiving chemo every 6 hours around the clock for 3 more days and then I have a day of rest before another 2 days of a different chemo drug. In talking to the nurse yesterday I relearned that my chemo targets fast growing cells therefore my bone marrow is a prime target. In other cancers the doctors can only give so much chemo before it begins to affect your blood numbers. With leukemia, the point of chemo is to bottom out those numbers so the doses of chemo are higher and hospital stays are mandatory. I did have the chance yesterday to meet some other patients on my floor. They are incredibly strong and resilient! I am blessed to be in this position with a strong body and a perfect match donor. It is a rare thing....prayers are being answered and will continue to be. #WendiWillWin

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  • karen bryner
    karen bryner

    i am rooting for you wendi! love you. karen

    5 years ago · Reply